Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love to read!

I have a couple of times a day
I have set aside to read.

I look forward to it --
it's kind of like a little vacation
for myself each day.

I must admit I do favor the Classics.
But on occasion I will read a newer
book and I do enjoy them also.

I belong to a Classics Book Club
in the town I live in....I started with 
the club the first week we moved here 
over 5 1/2 years ago 
and have met so many nice people.

What I like to do is read the book
club selection and then read two 
or three on my choosing each month.  
Of course, that depends on the size of 
the books....I tend to like the big books....
they last longer....ha ha!
I take it a little further.... 
use Spark Notes with the selections 
that have them.  
It helps me to better understand the book.
I use the computer to look up different things
I read about that I am not certain 
what they look like.... 
flowers, trees, buildings
or regions they are describing.    
It brings on a whole new
meaning to what I am reading.
And if it is a book I truly enjoyed
I try to find the movie and watch that.
I guess I do make it quite a 
process, don't I?  ha ha!
That's just how I roll....

Right now I am enjoying 
one of my choice....

It is a love story and I am 
about half way through it --
I really am enjoying it!

Have any of you read this?

Until later....


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  

Sir Richard Steele


verobirdie said...

Interesting reading method, and it makes sense.
I read Anna Karenine when I was a teenager. I remember I liked it. But was very disappointed by the end. I suppose I would have another opinion if I read it now.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great activity for the mind, I too love to read and have tried to share that love with my children and grandchildren.

Priscilla said...

I love reading but it seems I've forgotten about it until I read your post. There are so many excuses I've been making for not picking up my books and there are so many good books waiting for me to read them patiently. I guess I should find a comfy spot and grab a book tonight.

Sandra said...

reading is and always has been my most favorite past time of all. I started reading in first grade and have never stopped. I read only fiction and the only classics i have read are the ones my English lit teacher forced on me. so we are opposites in that part. i have time set aside to and if the book is one i can't stand to put down will read until it is finished. i do sort of what you do, if they say the man is playing his favorite CD i go look up the song and the artist and listen to it. if they go to the Opera, i look it up and listen. things like that were only to be imagined until the wonderful world os SEARCH. i have also looked up places, cities and towns and mountains to see what they look like for real. i take a book with me to all appointments. on the average i read 2 books a week sometimes more depending on the size of the book. if i take more than 3 days to read a book it is because i dont care how it ends. i love action/thrillers/CIA/FBI/all law enforcement, westerns and most mysteries.

Kathy said...

I love using the computer to look up things in a book I'm reading. It really helps get you in the frame of mind for the book's setting!
To save space, I read a Kindle and all of the Classics are practically FREE on there. Always fun to reread them in my oldth! I've forgotten the ending! :)
I hope you feel better soon! Rem said you felt "icky"!!
Hugs, Kathy

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Beth
What a good idea to look up things as you read a book especially with Classics. Now that I have my iPad I'll need to remember. I love the heart you made with the book pages!!
You are too clever!!

I don't think I remember reading Anna Karenia.
Hugs Cecilia

Bassetmomma said...

I love to read too but am not quite as devoted as you. I think reading is really good for the mind and soul. My favorite time to read is bedtime, I just find it so relaxing and quiet when the hounds are asleep. :)Like you I google things and words I don't understand as I go along.

Chatty Crone said...

I have read that long book - but never thought about getting the notes. What a smart gal. I hope you feel better. sandie

Chatty Crone said...

I have read that long book - but never thought about getting the notes. What a smart gal. I hope you feel better. sandie

Chatty Crone said...

I have read that long book - but never thought about getting the notes. What a smart gal. I hope you feel better. sandie

Brandi Yee said...

I LOVE reading! But haven't had much time to do so since having kids :( I'm hoping when my youngest starts school, that I'll have a bit more time again. Blogging has kept me busy too! I love writing as well :) Reading creates so many opportunities for people I think and helps mold the mind :)


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

No I haven't read that one. I must admit, I am not one for the classics. My sons love them but I prefer something contemporary.
That is a great idea to look things up like that, must make your book even more engrossing.
Lynne x

Ms. ~K said...

Yes, I read it in college...I was an English major and always had my nose in a book....still do!
Hope you feel better!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Anna Karina is such a rich and beautiful novel.Truly you are transported to another place and time but the real wonder is to realize that despite the setting so much of human experience is universally shared. Enjoy!

chicamom85 said...

Beth, I have not read that book. I love your dedication to the books you read. I do research when I am reading a book I really enjoy to check out facts and information and if some things are possible. If there is a movie, I love to see it after I read it. I wonder if it would be fun to have a book club blog. Read the book and comment after a few chapters. Just a thought, I am sure there are some out there. I am going to have to check it out. I am reading the Hunger Games, my daughter got me into it and I promised her I would read it.

Take care

The Furries of Whisppy said...

I love to read too but they are usually always about animals. :)

The Army of Four said...

I read that years ago - I should go back and re-read it.
Most of my fiction reading is spy thriller types. I'm reading Vince Flynn's latest right now; it's a roller coaster!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Mommy and my hu-sister love to read! I really love it when they read to me. :)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)